Gluten Intolerant

Living the Gluten Free Lifestyle

All types of bread are dangerous to the gluten sensitive, even potato bread and rice bread.  We have to make do with the specialist gluten free breads that supermarkets provide us with.  The majority of these are dry, tasteless and generally not suitable for much.

Recently, however, there has been a big imrpovement

Genius Bread is now available in both brown and white, loaf or sliced loaf variants from most supermarkets, and is a hands down winner.  It is finally a bread suitable for toast, sandwiches and egg soldiers.  Which isn’t to say it is perfect.  Better still, other vendors have taken note.  Warburtons now produce a gluten free loaf (not as good as Genius, in my opinion, but still better than older gluten free breads), and supermarket own brands are doing their best to cash in on this new edible gluten free bread sector.

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