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When travelling in airports, its often useful to be able to stop for a snack – either before your flight, or before you continue onward to you destination.  Unfortunately, airports often don’t list what is available to the gluten intolerant traveller – and the concessions – even if they might elsewhere sell gluten free things – sometimes have limited or different ranges.  So with some trepidation I had a look around Luton Airport to see what gluten free foods suitable for celiacs were offered.

Before Security

Before security there are a range of places to dine, but I had almost no luck finding food that even looked gluten free.  The best I could manage was a place called ‘Just Eats’ which had a chicken and chips meal.  Ignoring the fact this could be cross contaminated, I would still advise against eating there – the chips and peas were cold, and the chicken overcooked and dry (of course, I had to avoid the gravy).  Probably your best bet, prior to security, is to go to the Marks and Spencers ‘Simply Food’ concession (which bridges arrivals are departures).  There you can find prepacked salds, cold meats and crisps – certainly better than the alternatives on offer

After Security

I’m always worried after security because you are absolutely limited to what is there, with no chance to go back and use a pre-security option.  In luton airport the situation behind security is slightly better.  The ‘Real Food’ concession (which appears to be much the same as the Just Eats before security) had a wider range – so there was at least more possibilities.  Still, if it has the same standards as the pre-security restaurant, I think I would avoid it.  The other possibility was Est, which along with having a number of menu items which looked like they might be gluten free, had text on the menu encouraging you to ask.


All in all, I’m not going to say Luton airport fared well – or even tried to accomodate – the gluten intolerant, but if you have to be there with little or no planning, it certainly seemed that getting a meal might be possible.  M&S clearly being the best option all round.

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