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On leaving Dublin, I wanted to carry out a quick survey of the airport.  I only had time (and ticket) to look around Terminal 1, My initial attempts to find gluten free food before security were disheartening:  I found more or less nothing – you could probably find some fries at McDonalds, or a packet of crisps, but it was a very poor show indeed.

Post security was entirely different.  Not only would it be possible to live on chocolates and whiskey from the gift shops, but lots of restaurants had offerings that would suit a gluten sensitive person down to te ground.  These included a seafood bar (I didn’t investigate it in depth – I’m not keen on sea food myself), The Garden Terrace (a good location for a sit down meal, with several potential options) and Starbucks (which had gluten free sandwiches – the Starbucks outside security didn’t:  perhaps they had simply sold out when I looked around).


My survey was imperfect – my flight was late, and lots of the eateries were close and cordoned off – but that means there are more opportunities for mout cealiac travellers.  Pretty decent marks to Dublin airport, once you’ve taken the leap past security.

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