Gluten Intolerant

Living the Gluten Free Lifestyle

As a cambridge resident, I have to know all the tips and tricks to dining in the area.

For potential university students, living gluten free wan’t be a major problem:  the town centre Sainsburys (Which is where you will shop) has a decent enough free from range, and your college dining will be happy to manage catering for your special requirements:  in fact they seem to be really good at it!

For visiting tourists, your life will be harder – there are lots of tempting (but totally gluten stuffed) cakes and pastries around which will make you salivate.

The best options are:

The Rainbow Cafe a vegetarian restaurant which takes dietary requirements seriously

Common fast food options such as Nandos, Gourmet Burger Kitchen (bring your own buns), Starbucks (hope you like cheese and coleslaw sarnies) and even pizza express (if you bring your own base… though I always wonder about cross contamination it hasn’t seed to happen to me) are available.

A special shout out goes to the branch of Cafe Diem in Milton Country Park (just outside the city) which is just a bog standard coffee shop (in quite a nice location) but sells gluten free cookies which are as good as anthing you;ll ever find containing gluten elsewhere

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