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Genis, without whom I would go insane, have launched 3 new products through Tesco stores.  a multiseeded loaf, multiseeded rolls and tea cakes.  I haven’t spotted the tea cakes yet, but the others are worth reviewing.

The multiseed loaf is something I wanted to like – I’ve been missing seeded bread.  Unfortunately, all it manages to do is taste like a slightly better version of the gluten free breads on the market.  It is just about usable for sandwiches, but I’m not overly enamoured with it for toasting.  I think a seeded version of the brown loaf would have been a far better idea.  That, or maybe a thicker cut loaf with slightly chewier crusts.  My feeling is that these are in competition with the nw Warburtons loafs.  If they are, then they win, but only just.

The multiseed rolls are less impressive.  Pretty much they are on a par with Tesco own brand’s ‘squeezably soft’ gluten free rolls.  I took a few to a barbecue and while they housed a burger, they were still too crumbly to do so effectively.  Much like the Tesco Sqeezably Soft buns, they are probably going to be better toasted.

So overall, not a great result from their new product range.  But I’m holding Genius to high standards here – their brown loaf s fantastic, and their white loaf very good.  And it is always good to see better products on the market.  Dspite being below what I would hope for, these are actually still raising the game in the gluten free marketplace.  Surely it can’t be long until we see the end of vacuum packed slices of cardboard bread.

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