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Keeping up with gluten free foods as they are released, I took it on myself to try the new Genius brand gluten free pies and slices. So far, I’ve tried the gluten free steak and ale pie and the gluten free beef slice.

The Genius Gluten Free Steak and Ale Pie is a very pastry heavy pie, encasing a very small quantity of filling. Overall, it is crying out to be eaten as a quick evening meal – perhaps alongside boiled potatoes and baked beans. It isn’t going to be the centrepiece of a posh meal – it isn’t something you would want to prepare a guest (unless it was someone who only told you they were gluten intolerant at the last minute). So what do I think:
The pastry reminds me of the Dietary Specials frozen shortcrust gluten free pastry – the thing I use to top my own homemade pies. Like Dietary Specials pastry, it tastes slightly different from home made pastry – perhaps not buttery enough – and is also a little too easy to overcook – no burn, per se, but go beyond where you want it to go. So getting these pies just right will be a bit of a learning experience. The filling is very good – a particularly nice rich gravy – (even if it has the glutinous corn flour thickened feeling). However, there isn’t enough of it – these pies are all about the pastry, while ignoring the tasty meat.

The genius minced steak slice is a better choice. Mainly because gluten free puff pastry is a bit harder to come by. Sure its a simple meal, but the pastry puffs up nicely, and there is a more sensible quantity of filling. It isn’t a sophisticated meal, but it fills a gap, and is at the better end of gluten free food.

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